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Tricks-Of-The-Trade' From The Storage Experts That Will Save You Time, Money and Stress - Guaranteed!
We share with you these 10 insider secrets of moving that all
professional moving companies know (and that you should) - before you move home.

"So simple anyone can do them"

1.   Use the appropriate packing materials. Don't skip on protective materials like bubblewrap and kraft paper for your valuable and fragile items. Make sure that your goods are dry before moving them into storage or you may find mould will develop on them
2.   Pack your plates and glasses into your cartons"like you would a dishwasher". This way all the downward force won't be on a singleglass or plate, reducing the chance of possible chipping or cracking.
Remember to use plenty of packing paper at the base of the carton.

Move all boxes and small items to the front loading area.This will reduce the walking distance for your removalists. Patio chairs and garden shed items can be included. The garage or lounge room is often the best place.

4.   Disassemble IKEA and DIY furniture packs. Some items of furniture may
been assembled in your home and may not fit through the front door or be suitable for transport as is. Simply unlock the clips and dismantle

Place all light items into plastic shopping bags. This is a great cardboard
saving idea for rounding up all those plastics, toys and cushions.


Move all large items against the walls. Your removalist will generally start
with large timber items and lounges first. Having a clear pathway around the house makes this process easier and faster.


Write the description of the contents of your packing carton on the masking tape enclosing the lid, instead of the packing carton itself. This way, you simply peel off the tape when you are done and you have a brand new, "unmarked" carton for use next time or to re-sell at a better price.


If moving into Self Storage, leave 6 - 10 old sheets available.
Using sheets will protect your furniture when stacking and allow for greater height utilisation.


Place a roll of toilet paper in the fridge after you clean it. Our favourite tip! Toilet paper absorbs a lot of that "chemical" smell and moisture in a short time once placed in the fridge after cleaning. Your new house deserves a fresh smelling fridge, so it's not just for puppies to play with.


When moving locally, take advantage of being organised and use a cost effective hourly rate.
This way you can tell your removalists exactly what you would like them to take (or leave behind) and use your family and friends to help.